Sunday, March 19, 2006

ted leo concert review + new song

o man, the history for this blog is embarrassing...

anyway, britt and i went to the totally sweeeet ted leo concert last saturday.

and i blush to think of how long it's been w/out so much as even a mention on this blog about it.

tsk tsk, we are such bad webmasters. or is it webmistresses? i don't think i like the sound of that too much. and i say pshaw to gender-specific language. begone with it! if i want to be a webmaster (implying male gender), then so be it. i think i'd prefer it.

anyway, ted leo was totally amazing. so check out the review on my other blog.

o, and if that's not incentive enough, there's also a sneak peek into his next album, with a song called "la costa brava."

so do be good and check that out!

love and honor on the high see's,

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