Saturday, March 25, 2006

lolla holla!!

o man, the bands for lollapalooza were announced and let me just say: sweeet!

though i am saddened by the absence of the arcade fire from this year's lineup, as well as wolf parade and radiohead's, i still must say, it's a fine presence in chicago this summer.

and i will most definitely be going, w/ brittany, even if i am evicted from my nonexistent summer abode. i will camp in grant park, chicago's warm in the summer, and i will enjoy the musical festivities.

o, and the mountain goats (john darnielle is a poet!) are coming to another music fest in the area, which i will ostensibly be attending as well.

the summer is looking pretty sharp and fantastic!


Brandon said...

Can we say jealous? Because I can. I am jealous. AND The Mountain Goats?? You're too much Stephanie, just too much.

Ogbuefi Stephi said...

hmm. indeed this might be true.

i am going to find a way to get on stage and JUMP on the man. the mountain goat.