Friday, September 23, 2005

this week, on the avocado couch...

oh. man.

so, we just got done compiling the playlist and figuring out the format for the show.

now, i'm not gonna reveal too much (you're just gonna have to tune in tomorrow!), BUT i will give you a little peak into the show's organization:

THE AVOCADO COUCH show format!!!
  1. break into show with witty banter and a soul-stirring opening song
  2. feature artists / break-out bands / new releases
  3. iPod rotation
  4. indie covers segment
  5. local bands (i.e. favorites from Kentucky and Ohio)
  6. concert previews (play music by touring artists, esp. those we will be seeing)
  7. live stuff (awesome live tracks)
  8. ambient / experimental / b-sides and rarities segment
  9. individual picks (steph and britt each pick one or two songs they really like and share them with listeners)
  10. guilty pleasures and flashbacks (ooo... the dessert! all those songs you hate to love, but are soooo good! these will mostly be pulled from the decades of our youth and childish fancies. ie, the 80's and 90's)
sounds like a good time, right? oh, i can guarantee that it will be.

so, tune in SATURDAY!!! 4-6 pm EST.

we'll be rockin' it into the night.

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