Sunday, October 23, 2005

playlist 04_oct 22 (#3 exists, but only in memories)

kansas/ "carry on wayward son"
kevin devine/ "no time flat"
split the country, split the street 2005, triple crown
afghan whigs/ "my enemy"
black love 1996, elektra/asylum
sufjan stevens/ "feel the illinoise"
illinois 2005, ashmatic kitty
built like alaska/ "dirty mouth"
autumn land 2005, future farmer recordings
kings of leon/ "the bucket"
aha shake heartbreak 2005, rca
the raveonettes/ "ode to l.a."
pretty in black 2005, sony bmg
coldplay/ "fix you"
x and y 2005, capitol
laura veirs/ "galaxies"
year of the meteors 2005, nonesuch
david byrne/ "like humans do"
look into the eyeball 2001, virgin
eagles/ "desperado"
greatest hits
constantines/ "soon enough"
tournament of hearts 2005, sub pop
the notwist/ "consequence"
neon golden 2002, city slang
shearwater/ "a hush"
winged life 2004, misra
me + the gimme gimmes/ "end of the dead"
boyz 2 men cover
usher/ "burn"
confessions 2004, la face
jack johnson/ "flake"
brushfire fairytales 2000
antony + the johnsons/ "fistful of love"
i am a bird now 2005, secretly canadian
tim fite/ "shook"
gone ain't gone 2005, anti
someone still loves you, boris yeltsin/ "housefire"
broom, 2005, catbird records
film school/ "activated"
alwaysnever 2003, amazing grease records
air/ "venus"
talkie walkie 2004, emi

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