Sunday, September 18, 2005

lock-out and the materialization of the invisible

so we were supposed to go in today to figure out the equipment and experiment with stuff.

well, that didn't happen.

we had forgotten that the board members (and thus, those with key access) had gone to new york this weekend.

so we stood in front of the locked door, cursing and kicking and looking like fools.

then we went to the dance/theatre building. that was neat.

and, oddly, we saw a group of large, bald-headed men emerge from a navy blue minivan and a chevy lumina with bullet-hole decals on the rear bumper. real gangsta.

i'm convinced they spontaneously materialized.

so, i just wanted to let you know. because if you actually listened in this past saturday (the 17th) and didn't like what you heard, don't blame us. blame the bald men.

and if, well, you happened to like what you heard, don't credit us. credit magic.

until next week,

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