Wednesday, September 14, 2005

come on, feel the illiNOISE!!

w. h. o. a.

sufjan stevens is playing a concert at southgate tonight!!!

and yours truly will most definitely be rockin' it out .

i've waited all summer to go to this concert, so i am quite excited. and laura veirs is opening, which should also be quite the auditory treat.

was even gonna make a "sufjan stevens for president" or "sufjan, will you marry me?" t-shirt, but defaulted in honor of subtlety. (besides, this post (and this one and this one) pretty much guarantees that i've professed my love for sufjan so openly and obviously already so that i can forego ever having to literally wear my feelings on my sleeve...)

so, if anyone wants to jolt me out of my s0-mad-for-sufjan-my-eyes-are-glazing-over state long enough to say 'hello' at the concert tonight, you'll probably find me (hopefully) somewhere near the front.

oh. and i'll probably be wearing this shirt. (more later on the philosophical significance of the shirt's meaning... if there are requests.)

rock on,


Anonymous said...

you should have made a tshirt! instead of the new hampshire one, which i don't really understand....but i guess that was the point.

Ogbuefi Stephi said...

the point of the new hampshire shirt (other than being two stones in the bucket in terms of nominations for his forth-coming album...) is that it's a play off nominalism.

you see, the great thing about the shirt is that it's toying with the concept of nomenclature. because the only reason we identify the pictured state as CA is b/c we were taught that it is CA, not NH. but what if we were taught the other way around? see, names are just names, and not really essential to the understanding of the essence of a concept. (just because we call it by a different name doesn't change its history or the fact that it's a state and that thousands of thousands of people reside there).

also, related to previous point: the lines on a map are totally arbitrary as well, and human error dictates that the precision of a line, even of the thinnest width, would not be adequate to document the dozens of feet of land that constitute the path of that line's representation. furthermore, the borders of a state are totally disputable and wholly imaginary. for if one considers the nature of the lines drawn on maps and official documents, etc., one realizes that the smallest fraction of error would mean the displacement of several hundred people who live on the precariously arbitrary actual border.

so, you see, the shirt is actually quite funny.

but anyway, yeah, i'm definitely making a tshirt this weekend!